Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Hero, Uncle Dick

I flew out to Palo Alto a couple weeks ago for my Uncle Dick's Surprise Birthday Party.

I love Uncle Dick! He is my favorite person in the whole wide world. He has touched hundreds of people's lives and I'm so glad we were able to honor him at this wonderful party.

All my life Uncle Dick has always sent me letters, e-mails, and special presents. And he has never missed calling me on my Birthday (or anyones Birthday for that matter). Over the years when I visit my Aunt and Uncle he always takes me on fun adventures to the beach, aquariums, Great America, hiking, the cirkle K (trust me, when uncle Dick wakes you up at 1 a.m and takes you to cirkle K, it is an adventure), Peninsula creamery for Chocolate peppermint milkshakes, etc. He's the best uncle a girl could have. I have to add that he is the biggest jokester too.

I love you Uncle Dick!

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Anonymous said...

We love your Uncle Dick too. He is such an honorable man. What fun to have a surprise birthday celebration...looks like a great time.