Monday, July 18, 2011


Dan and I celebrated our 10 yr anniversary by taking a trip to Kauai. We had so much fun kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and exploring. It was a nice break from kids/work. If I'm having a rough time at home, I'm just going to close my eyes and pretend I'm in Hawaii again swimming with a sea turtle or laying out on the beach.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is what happens when little girls wrestle. The best part about the story is when we were in the hospital and the doctor had just left the room after showing me the x-rays of her broken wrist and Alex asked, "Is my arm broken" "yes, alex, you broke your wrist" Big sigh from Alex, "I'm so happy I broke my wrist"
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Bo is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Bo loves to do tricks on his 4-wheeler, The only show he will watch on tv is monster jam, We have to to set up his b-ball hoop over his crib so he can play b-ball in bed, Last weekend we were camping and he (only 2) was riding the quad so fast and took a turn so sharp that we both flew off the quad, he jumped up and said over and over again with the biggest smile on his face, "i have to tell Dad I crash", when bo gets mad he says, "crap" which is really bad and he probably learned it from me but I can't help but laugh when he says it, Any time me or Dan leave the house or when we're putting Bo to bed, Bo says, "happy Birthday" and we have to say "Happy birthday" back. Instead of just saying, "i love you", he always says, "i love you too" even if you haven't told him so first. The other day, Bo accidently hurt Alex and he put his arm around her and told her over and over, "i love you too, alex"
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This April I surprised Sydney with a trip to Utah for general conference. We had such a great time together that I hope taking each child to conference when they turn 8 will be a family tradition from here on out. Sydney and I shopped, toured the humanitarian center, watched the Joseph Smith movie, played in the snow, built a snowman, played games, put together puzzles and just enjoyed each other.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

floral/ribbon board/art

Dan took the 3 oldest kids camping and my sweet mother took Ammon to stay the night so that meant that I got to spend a fun evening with a couple of great friends and work on some projects. A bow holder for the girl's bathroom, Art work for the girl's room, and a floral arrangement for me. Not too bad for my first arrangement! I LOOOOVE IT!
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so happy...

That Dan planted the garden that I have been too intimitated to do myself.
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Alex: 6 years old

Breakfast in Bed. A flower Party. Happy Birthday Alex.
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Being Cool

Sometimes I get in a funk thinking about how I used to be cool. Letting my kids roast mallows to have alongside their breakfast isn't going to a rock concert, or staying up all hours of the night dancing, or leaving spontaneously for a road trip, but, i think it's pretty cool.
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