Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grady's Place

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Our friend Grady lives in the middle of nowhere. Tonight we saw quail, rabbits, toads, and chickens. It was a beautiful evening tonight- perfect for pictures.

crafty me

I love to create. A lady hired me to do some pieces of art for her child's room and here are a few from the set of 12 that I did for her. I love making jewelry too. I could make jewelery all day if I had the chance.

playing in the snow

We always have to make a trip to the snow every year. here are a few shots from that

Sydney's 7th bday

I haven't blogged forever so I have some catching up to do. Here is sydneys birthday. She got breakfast in bed, a new bike, too many presents and 2 parties. By the way! I am the proudest mom ever. Sydney's art was the only art chosen out of her entire class (29 students) to be displayed in an art gallery. Wooo hooo! I will haev to post pics of the art piece later.