Sunday, July 15, 2012

Riley's 30th Bday 80's Party

It felt like we were at a school dance but it was fun dressing up and being goofy.

Polar Express Dec 2011

 Chester Bennington showing us the love
Super Fun Trip!  Dan's mom rented a Greyhound bus just for our family and we traveled to Montezuma Castle, the deer farm and Polar Express. We played in the snow and went back home the next day.

Halloween 2011

I know my kids are dang cute.

Bo's tonsil surgery Fall 2011

Before Surgery- poor little guys doesn't really understand what is about to happen and I could tell he was a bit scared.
     Dan and I didn't notice Bo's snoring and sleep apnea until our Rocky Point trip where he slept between us and kept us awake all night.  We learned that he had huge tonsils and that his shorter stature might be related to his sleep apnea. 
     We're really glad that we had the surgery done. Bo eats way better, no longer snores, is happier during the day and his growth hormone levels have increased as well.

Vegas Fall 2011

 Our trip to Vegas started out rocky when I got hit by that huge truck.  We were happy our car didn't have to be towed but we didn't exactly roll into vegas in style.

The Trip ended nicely though, taking home my big win from Black Jack!
We had a good time! Cirque Du Soleil, Magic Show, Buffets, Mother/daughter time

Girl Trip

2011 San Diego. 

Rocky Point 2011

Rocky Point!