Monday, April 14, 2008

Scorpion at Melting Pot

To Celebrate my 26th Birthday, my friends, Lynda and Robert, came with Dan and I to the Melting Pot where Robert Got stung by a scorpion on his hand during the main course! Unbeleivable!

I had a fun Birthday, though. A couple of my sweet girlfriends took me out for lunch, I got a pedicure with Lynda, and Dan surprised me with some sweet new lenses for my camera.
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lynda said...

i'm really glad you started a blog. your first entries are so much better than mine. you have so much more to say. since we didn't take any pictures on our trip i couldn't document it at all. should have had me approve this picture. i don't think i've seen a picture of me that i've like in 8 years, at least.